“Love Stories for Business” is a new, unique program for leaders seeking strategies to connect their own people to their brand purpose and their unique organisational identity.

Co-designed by Digital Storytellers and purpose consultancy, The Cause Effect“Love Stories for Business” reflects the need for businesses to show up in more human ways, harnessing the full power of purposeful storytelling to empower your people to meet the challenges of our time.

Unleash the potential of your people

This program brings together three organisational imperatives that will separate future-ready companies from the pack:

Unique organisational identity
A galvanising purpose
Inspiring stories

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You can also read more about the story behind this and some examples in practice.

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The Purpose Maturity Clinic is a strong starting point to align your leadership team or board on where your organisation sits on the Purpose Maturity Curve and what is involved in moving further up the curve. This alignment is an important foundation for building a solid purpose-led strategy.

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For business leaders who want to build meaningful purpose into their organisations, The Cause Effect are the trusted experts to guide and support you on your path to purpose.

We are a consultancy that specialises exclusively in Purpose strategies and are committed to helping our clients drive profit through purpose.

We work with businesses that are just starting their purpose journey, as well as those who want to build deeper and more actionable purpose into their organisations. To that end, we offer a range of workshops and our signature Path to Purpose Program.

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Digital Storytellers are a purpose-driven collective that’s on a mission to empower a wider community of purpose-driven leaders to harness the power of story and change systems for the better, by telling stories that matter and shaping more inclusive narratives that hold a vision for the world as it is and as it could be.

We work with organisations and individuals across business, not for profit, government, education and ecosystem enablement, and lead our field through Strategic Storytelling, Story Leadership and the Democratisation of Story.

We offer strategic story consultations, story workshops and masterclasses, film productions and visual storytelling, with a specific focus on social and environmental impact.

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