Strategic Storytelling

Leading through story

Using the power of strategic storytelling to solve problems and build culture.

Navigating change, sensemaking, strategy and vision building all rely on story leadership. It is the proven pathway to strengthen empathy and engage in problem solving through lived experience and cultural intelligence.

When faced with complexity and the challenges of today, story provides the human-centered approach that is inclusive, insightful, and empowering.

Let us show you how story can be the head, heart and hands for your business, activating purpose and engaging people.

Strategic Storytelling

We can develop a story-driven process for your organisational needs.

Strategy, Road-mapping,
Leadership & Vision Building

Discover the way storytelling creates deep connection and sense making. How can story advance your mission?

Story Consult Circles 2
Team Engagement
& Communication

Discover how story creates deep engagement and an ability for teams and leaders to communicate with one another.

Story Consult Circles 3
Systemic Change
& Transformation

Discover the nexus of story and transformation, and steward your organisation into the future.

Whether it’s a consultation, clinic, program or event, we can help you lead through story.

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Why Now?

Tides are turning. It’s no longer enough to do business as usual. Complexity requires complex narratives and problem solving.

Why Story?

Humans make sense of our world through story. It is the primary reason humans have thrived and become successful. Story changes minds & hearts and moves people into action.

Why Us?

Our expertise lies in using story for positive impact and purpose-driven outcomes. We take a unique approach that is inclusive, bottom-up and creates meaningful engagement.

Strategic Storytelling Case Studies

  • A ‘Story-Driven’ Process: Strategic Communication & Visioning
  • Workfront – Virtual Campfire Team Storytelling Session
  • Shining A Light on Paediatric Sepsis – Paediatric Sepsis Project, Queensland Health

Who’s been storytelling with us?

Here are some of the people we’ve worked with

Capacity Building Workshops

Ready to start sharing your stories with the world? We can also help your team build the skills they need.

  • Storytelling & Content Creation
  • Crafting your Story
  • Building a Culture of Storytelling

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