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Better business for a better world

Redefining success in business

We believe regeneration and justice across all facets of society is needed to create the bold and beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

We aim to be net positive as a business, incorporating regenerative, inclusive and compassionate practices, and supporting regenerative movements through all we do.

Here are our guiding principles.

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Ensuring that the stories we tell are generative, not destructive; empowering not disenfranchising. This helps us decide which projects to take on and shapes how we approach the narrative.

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Wholeheartedly and courageously stepping up to meet the challenges of our time, we harness the full power of storytelling to enable new leadership for a new paradigm.

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By acknowledging that we are part of an ecosystem, not an egosystem, we aim to generate and maximise value, benefit and abundance for as many stakeholders as possible.

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Stories should be owned and shared by those who are living them. Democratising storytelling means disrupting traditional systems of power and influence to create a more inclusive and just narrative.

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Recognising that the complex, entrenched and interdependent ‘system of systems’ we all exist in requires collaborative, non-linear and story-driven approaches to dismantle and rebuild.

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Channelling surplus resources and our skills into causes and movements we care about and that can leverage storytelling for systems change.

Best for the world, not just in the world

Setting higher standards of excellence and sustainability for business

To shift global systems and culture for the better, and redefine what it means to be ‘successful, we have to be prepared to put our values where our mouths (and bottom lines) are and build more inclusive businesses.

Here’s how we aim to measure and hold ourselves accountable for continuously improving and increasing our positive impact in the world.


Being a certified B Corp means we commit to high standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

See our B Corp profile and learn why we became a B Corp.


Social Traders certification confirms that an organisation does three things: has a defined primary social, cultural or environmental purpose; derives a substantial portion of their income from trade; and invests efforts and resources for net public/community benefit.

Learn more about Social Traders certification.

CC Pillars

While not a governance framework, Conscious Capitalism is a business philosophy with four guiding principles that endeavour to create financial, intellectual, social, cultural, emotional, spiritual, physical, and ecological wealth for all their stakeholders.

Learn more and sign the Credo too.

Sustainable decisions in supply chains and procurement creates a ripple effect that amplifies your positive impact. By working with us, you can rest assured that you’re contributing to a better world.

Learn more: Businesses | Government

Walking the talk

We give back to community and create a better world for all by creating wins for all stakeholders (not just shareholders).

Here’s how we’re doing our part.

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Stories For Impact, our flagship program, was created to democratise storytelling and make it more accessible by putting the power of storytelling in the hands of everyday leaders.

Enterprising Stories

Enterprising Stories aims to shape the collective narrative of business for good by convening, connecting and creating ideas and conversations that further social enterprise in Australia and around the world.

Illustrated by Devon Bunce, from Digital Storytellers.

Working with Regen Melbourne and as a storytelling partner of Regen Sydney, we are honoured to help use story-driven tools and processes to imagine a more regenerative economy ‘inside the doughnut’.

Our Net Zero Commitment

Digital Storytellers, along with many of our fellow B Corporations, are committed to achieving and going beyond Net Zero Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2025.

Our progress towards this goal includes:

1. Measuring Our Footprint

We are undertaking a comprehensive approach to measure our Scope 1, 2 and 3 impacts, so we can make informed decisions and track our progress towards and beyond Net Zero.

2. Reducing Energy Usage
Avoiding unnecessary energy usage where we can and improving energy efficiency where we can’t.

3. Increasing Renewable Energy
Using clean, renewable energy sources wherever we can and offsetting any fossil fuel usage where we can’t.

4. Carbon Sequestration
Supporting Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) to remove warming gases from the atmosphere, especially projects that increase soil carbon from regenerative farming and restoration of forests and wetlands.

5. Community Participation
Providing climate action initiatives with storytelling support, and continuing to participate in Climate Strike activities, including active membership of UNFCCC’s Paris Committee for Capacity Building network.

6. Government Legislation
Supporting contributions to develop more positive and ambitious policies, legislations and climate action in Australia. This includes public submission and communications in support of the Climate Change (National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation) Bill.

Further progress will be made with full transparency as we move closer to our goal of achieving and going beyond Net Zero Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2025.

 Join the movement!

 You can be a powerful force for good.

Let’s join forces and be better for the world, together.


Working with Digital Storytellers means you’re not just working with a passionate, highly-skilled team of storytellers, but you’ll be creating a ripple effect of positive impact through regenerative and sustainable business.

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 Partner, sponsor or donate to one of our key impact initiatives like Stories for Impact or Enterprising Stories and amplify your impact in communities you care about. Drop us a line to find out more.

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Aren’t yet a B Corp or Social Trader certified organisation? Make the commitment to join a growing movement of businesses doing good or ask us about the process today.