Devon is our amazing scribe in residence. Full of curiosity about the world, she is a professional scribe artist who works at the intersection of illustration and graphic facilitation, where visuals are used as a way of sharing experiences and learnings – and making magic with metaphors.

We are dynamic creatures, who crave story and movement. Our eyes are constantly darting, and minds making leaps, always looking for the next thing to captivate our attention. Why not use this to your advantage by bringing your mission or project to life with a catchy explainer video. Created by our skilled team of animators and storytellers, these engaging videos are sure to excite and delight.

Engaging, inclusive, accessible

For movers and shakers who want to tell their story with a twist


In this fast-paced world, we need to be able to make complex topics easy to digest. A catchy explainer video can help bring your mission or your project to life, and make it more accessible for a wider audience.


Story Animations

Tell your story without having to find the perfect spokesperson, gather lots of footage, or organise a video shoot. Story animations are a cost-effective and impactful way to engage your audience and create a memorable and shareable legacy for your project or organisation. 

Ready to make your move?

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See our past animations in action

“In Our Community – La Perouse” – ISEC

“RMIT Blockchain Symposium”- RMIT

“Designing for Employee Experience HR Think Tank”- Naked Ambition

“Youth Heath Conference Live Scribing” – AAAH

“Live Scribing in the Hub at TEDx Sydney” – University of Sydney x TEDx

“Association of Financial Advisors Conference Live Scribing” – Association of Financial Advisors

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