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Hello! We’re Digital Storytellers

We craft impactful stories for a better world. Our mission is to create a more inclusive narrative by helping to tell stories that matter, and sharing our knowledge and resources to empower a wider community of storytellers.

Let’s change the world together, using the power of storytelling.

Film Production

Engage your audience and inspire them with your vision, convey complex ideas, or raise funds for your next cause – all in three minutes or less.

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Event Coverage

Extend your reach and impact with live streaming, curated online engagement, live scribing or a video highlights reel.

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Story Workshops

Learn how to find, create and bring your own important stories to life using the simple tools and affordable tech you already have.

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Live Scribing

Harness the power of visuals, iconography and illustration to amplify your data and messaging.

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Graphic Design

We help you take your story beyond the numbers and communicate impact authentically.

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Create your digital home-base so you can activate community and engage the world.

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Our Unique Approach

Guess what? A story is only as good as the impact it creates.
It’s what we do before and after the filming that unlocks the real magic.

Storytelling Strategy

Before the cameras start rolling, we can help you strategize and map out your storytelling campaign using fun, fast and colourful tools.

Community Engagement

From social media outreach to offline activation – we can help you build an enthusiastically engaged community around your campaign.

Impact Measurement

Consider appropriate measurement indicators to demonstrate outcomes and impact to supporters, funders and partners.

In 8 years we’ve…

Told over


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and still counting

Introducing the Story Canvas

The Story Canvas is a methodology we have developed in-house, based on the popular Business Model Canvas.
It provides a lens for telling stories that resonate with audiences and build into successful campaigns.


Why not try out the Story Canvas for yourself today?

It’s fun and takes just a few minutes – our online form will generate a PDF of your story and email it directly to you.

Check out The Story Canvas

Take a look at some of our work

  • Case Study: Celebrating Excellence Through Story – Study NSW
  • Case Study: Scholars Leading Through Story – Australia Awards
  • Case Study: Taking the first bite out of the donut
  • Climate Storytellers – Making Your Climate Story Count
  • A ‘Story-Driven’ Process: Strategic Communication & Visioning
  • Another ‘SEWF’ccessful Forum – Social Enterprise World Forum 2021, Halifax
  • When the apprentices become the masters – Somali Storytellers Train-the-Trainer – Facilitator Upskilling
  • Workfront – Virtual Campfire Team Storytelling Session
  • Care for the land and it’ll care for you – Murray Landcare Online Storytelling Workshops
  • We Know Your Name But Not Your Story – Indigo Shire Council Community Storytelling Program
  • The World’s Deadliest Zoo Visit
  • “Education Gives You Freedom” – Go Foundation
  • First Nations Governance Forum 2018
  • Purpose 2018
  • “Let’s Move Forward Together” – Reos Partners
  • “Kia Ora Ortautahi!” – Social Enterprise World Forum 2017, Christchurch, NZ
  • “Changing The Rules: Doing Social Justice Philanthropy” – Reichstein Foundation
  • “Moving Forward Together” – Progress 2017
  • Greenpeace: NAIF, the four letter word that could play a huge role in the future of the Great Barrier Reef
  • “A Life of Opportunity” – Harmony Day Stories for Department of Social Services
  • “A Moment to Change the World” – The Sydney Peace Prize Story
  • “The Future Gets Real” – Leadership 2016
  • The (re)Generation Project
  • “A Lens To The World” – Link Story 2016
  • Act For Peace – The Ration Challenge
  • TDi Pacific Investment Readiness Story
  • The Social Benefit Bond – The Benevolent Society
  • “Open minds, disruptive ideas” – The Story of SW/TCH, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation
  • Cyclotron – Light the City
  • “When We Dream Together” – Progress 2015
  • The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair
  • Team Wild
  • G8 Taskforce on Social Impact Investment
  • Yammer
  • Community 21

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