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Storytelling for Events

Share your special event with an even wider audience using the magic of live storytelling.

Something really special happens when people come together with a shared sense of purpose. Gathering to learn, share ideas and network creates momentum towards the tipping point of movements. We can amplify your reach and impact far beyond the event.

Let us help you create a memorable event experience!

Professor Muhammad Yunus in Australia, 2014

Capture and broadcast your keynote presentations to the big screen and beyond, with multiple angles, live streamed right as it happens.

progress 2015

Crystallise the moment with a short, sharp and shareable event story, that can mobilise your movement with a rallying call to action.


Colour-in the audience experience with keynote presentations illustrated as they are delivered. And generate buzz and social sharing with an eye-catching art wall.


Broadcast stories and commentary from your very own on-site studio.

Interchange - Marieke stage

Upskill your participants with a fun, hands-on storytelling workshop experience.


Activate the power of the crowd with social media engagement.

What’s Your Event Story?

Crystallise and catalyse your movement.

There is no better place to behold the groundswell of your movement and see a vision coming to life than your event. Weaving together key voices in the room and capturing the colour and energy in full swing, our team will articulate the story of your movement in a piece you can use again and again. It makes a great wrap, drives action moving forth and promotes future events!

Check out what we’ve done for Progress and Leadership

What else is possible?

The rise of digital technology puts the power of storytelling in your hands.

Engineers Without Borders partnered with Digital Storytellers to crowd-source a fun event story, filmed by participants of our workshop on their mobile phones and delivered live onsite for maximum WOW factor!

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Who’s been storytelling with us?

Here are some of the people we’ve worked with on events

If you have an event with a great story,
don’t just let it end there.

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