Impact Storytellers Community

Are you a storyteller who wants to create a better world?

Then you might like to join this community.

Perhaps, like us, you share a desire to tell great stories, hone your craft and create impact. You might be a filmmaker, or other creative who is involved in storytelling. But whatever it is, you want to do great work that matters, and you also want to be able to make a living while pursuing a desire to make a difference.


What is this community about?

We are a co-created community of global storytellers who want to make a difference through our work, dream big at a visionary level, and want to collaborate and support each other at the practical level. Most of all, we want to connect and make this journey a joyful one. You are invited to bring your authentic spirit, inspired creativity, a strong sense of purpose and be open to the journey in playful collaboration with like-minded hearts & souls.

How does it work?

We don’t have all the solutions, and believe in the power of decentralised organising and self-leadership — the solutions lie within us each, and together. The invitation to everyone is to co-create something for the collective good of this community under a shared vision. We make take turns to host, organise, drive different initiatives, depending on the threads and ideas that emerge.

How do I participate?

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This is an evolving community shaped by who participates. Answer the optional questions in the form below to participate virtually.

We self-organise via email and a closed Facebook group. Membership is by invitation of other members, or if you have attended a gathering or activity with us.

How did it all begin?

The first co-design day was hosted by Digital Storytellers, with the intention to seed a community that self-manages. Read more here.

Here’s what emerged

Credit: Devon Bunce, Digital Storytellers

Credit: Cath Leach, Catfish Creative

Themes that emerged included resources, training and support; how to bring different sectors together; and defining and measuring impact storytelling. Based on these themes, we then generated ideas about what we might co-create together.

What other ideas emerged?

  • An Impact Storytellers Festival (a celebratory event)

  • The Impact Storytellers ‘Oscars’ (an awards event)

  • Impact Storytellers Campfire (a retreat event)

  • An online space where we can stay connected

  • A physical space where we can gather

  • Facilitators Toolkit

  • Community Ecosystem Map

  • Supporting and leveraging ‘influencers for good’

  • Measuring and showing our collective impact

What now?

We hope to continue growing the community, building connections; understanding the aspirations, challenges and obstacles shared between us and what gets in the way of us reaching our highest potential. And we wish to keep creating spaces to co-create together, and to walk away with tangible commitments or actions to help us move forward.

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