Film Production

Never underestimate the power of a well-crafted film to make a difference.

A story that blends beautiful imagery to captivate the eye with a soundtrack that moves the heart sets the scene for your key messages to be deeply heard and felt. Inspire your audience with a game-changing vision, simplify complex ideas, celebrate your successes, and take action for your important cause – all in three minutes or less.

What story will you tell?

Arnhem Magic 1

Need to tell people what you do and why it’s important? Paint a compelling picture, all in just under 2 minutes.


Does success involve getting lots of people on board? Tell a story that drive your campaign or advocates powerfully for change.


People resonate with other people. Sometimes, taking the audience on someone’s journey is the best way to move them.

Why not take a look…

  • Hub Sydney
  • The Settlement
  • Sourced
  • Earth Hour Picnic
  • Sustainable Schools
  • Community 21
  • Impact Forum
  • Team Wild
  • The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair
  • Transplant Australia
  • Our Tibet Story
  • Social Outcomes: Bringing Concepts to Life
  • Social Business – Professor Muhammad Yunus in Australia, 2014
  • The Difference Incubator – Who we are
  • Cyclotron – Light the City
  • “Open minds, disruptive ideas” – The Story of SW/TCH, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation
  • The Social Benefit Bond – The Benevolent Society
  • TDi Pacific Investment Readiness Story
  • Act For Peace – The Ration Challenge
  • “Ocean of Opportunity” – Pacific Trade & Invest
  • “A New Life, A Greater Hope” Refugee Stories – Department of Social Services
  • “Evolution or Revolution: Is Philanthropy Future Ready” – Philanthropy Australia
  • “A Moment to Change the World” – The Sydney Peace Prize Story
  • Go GoldFields Storytellers
  • “A Story of Transformation” – Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 15th Anniversary Story
  • “A Life of Opportunity” – Harmony Day Stories for Department of Social Services
  • Social Enterprise: Good for business, good for community
  • Young Mind Big Ideas
  • “Leadership Takes Many Forms” – Menzies Foundation
  • The Ian Potter Foundation 50th Anniversary Commemorative Grants
  • “Changing The Rules: Doing Social Justice Philanthropy” – Reichstein Foundation
  • “Challenge Yourself to #GOFurther” – Go Foundation
  • Positive Light
  • Ride on Lunch

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