Leading Through Story

A Two-Part Story Leadership Event

Online Panel Conversation + Practical Workshop

Thursday, 2 Dec 2021
3:00 – 5:00pm AEDT

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Navigating uncertain times using the power of storytelling

Story Leadership will be essential for navigating our world in these times.

Faced with the complexities and the challenges of today, story provides the human-centered approach to moving forward together, that is inclusive, insightful, and empowering. Navigating change, sensemaking, strategy and vision building will increasingly rely on the craft of Story Leadership.

Creatives and social changemakers already understand why story is important; as do most activists and even most politicians. They get that whomever holds the narrative, holds the attention.

The good news is that anyone can be a Story Leader!

Join us for a two-part Story Leadership event

Learn and experience how story can be the head, heart and hands for your project or organisation, activating shared purpose and vision, grounding and healing, connecting and engaging people.

PART 1: A Story Leadership Panel Conversation

featuring Story Leaders who have led their organisations and communities using the power of story.

From story-led processes within business, to facilitating systems change in community, these practitioners will give you insights on how story-led leadership has been practiced:

  • For collective visioning and participative strategy
  • To strengthen empathy and engage in problem solving through lived experience and cultural intelligence.
  • Facilitate adaptability and collective sensemaking in navigating change and transformation
  • For human-led collaboration and connection, to create participation, inclusion and belonging
  • Empathy driven design and solutions for problem solving, creativity and innovation
  • To frame and create a mindset that helps shift the story for planet and humanity

Our Host

Rebecca Tapp

Rebecca is the CEO of Future Crunch who are a group of scientists, artists, technologists and entrepreneurs who think there are new and better ways of doing things in the 21st century. Our mission is to foster intelligent, optimistic thinking about the future, and to empower people to contribute to it.

She is also the host of the DNA Of Purpose podcast and the creator of Ignite which is a process designed to activate purpose-driven influence. From CEO’s to activists, authors and everything in between she explores the frontiers of technology, science, the political economy, design and art to gather the information we need to create a more beautiful, hopeful and purpose-driven world.

As a change-maker, Rebecca is on the board of directors for Hark Angel, a charity with a mission is to work with impoverished communities to build 100 schools around the world. She is also on the board of social enterprise Project Gen Z and has over the last decade raised more than $250,000 for charity in business and in hosting fundraising events and campaigns.

Alongside Rebecca’s respect for scientific thinking, she is also soul-driven. She believes that the future will belong to those who embrace the idea that human progress is an inside job. In 2020 she founded Chakra Intelligence, a well-being studio based in Surry Hills Sydney which hosts workshops designed to empower people with the tools to unlock ancient wisdom for the modern world.

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On the panel

Kate Harris
Kate Harris

Kate is an experienced designer, coach and facilitator of Leadership Development across all sectors.

She is a social ecologist who is also the Secretariat of the Global Ecolabelling Network and Non-Executive Director of the Living Future Institute of Australia. Kate has held previous CEO positions including Good Environmental Choice Australia and the Centre for Sustainability Leadership and is passionate about people’s stories as the foundational vehicle for systemic change.

Beyond her professional story, Kate is passionate about working with creativity to create change and capability across all domains. Having worked previously in the performing arts, Kate continues to work with creative energy to heal on a personal, organisational and global level. She believes passionately in human potential to create this meaningful change.

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Millie Rooney
Millie Rooney

Millie is the National Coordinator for Australia reMADE, a vision-based collaboration of everyday people and community leaders working to build a country where people and planet come first. She has led through story across many initiatives – from Australia Remade’s collective vision for Australia, to the reMakers podcast and the Public Good Project, to The Future Now Project. Having had the privilege of listening to people around the country speaking of what it would mean to live in the Australia of their dreams, she is in awe of the passion and power that emerges when we start collectively dreaming for the world we want.

Millie has a research background with particular expertise in local community and social norms around neighbourhood sharing and community building, in particular how social norms shape how we interact in ‘invisible’ social economies. She also coordinated the national award winning Sustainability Integration Program for Students at the University of Tasmania, supporting and empowering students to create change for a better world.

She is also a carer for her family and community and is passionate about acknowledging this work as a valid, valuable and legitimate use of her time.

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Luke Briscoe

Luke is CEO of Indigi Lab and a proud Kuku-Yalanji man from Daintree in Far Northern Australia. For the past twenty years he has been leading cultural change and organizational transformation across numerous sectors. His vision for a sustainable world is one that places First Nations Science and Innovation at the forefront of providing positive solutions to the vast Environmental, Cultural, and Social issues facing Humanity. An Indigenous Science Educator, Broadcaster and App Developer, he is the CEO and Founder of an award-winning startup, Indigi Lab, founded to create innovative solutions for social and environmental change through digital culture. 

Indigi Lab supports research enabling community to develop cultural enterprises, and provides science and cultural consultancy around sustainable solutions especially around the SDGs. The Indigi Lab framework and principles into researching and project planning is guided by the United Nation Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and The Seventh Generation Principle, and support real sustainable approaches to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advancement in sciences and technology.

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We’ll also enjoy a performance by Miles Merrill, spoken word artist and founder of Word Travels.

PART 2: An experiential workshop exploring collective story processes.

You can hear all about the power of story leadership at our Panel Conversation, but why not experience it for yourself! Join us to participate in the power and process of story for collective reflection, celebration, sense-making and visioning.

As 2021 comes to an end, and the world re-opens, let’s gather to reflect, celebrate, hope and vision together. We’ll be asking the vital question: How might we lead through story in 2022?

Ready to lead through story?

Attend either or both parts. You’ll walk away insights and inspiration you can apply in your work.

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“Story can go where quantitative analysis is denied admission – our hearts”

-Harrison Monarth,
The Irresistible Power of Storytelling as a Strategic Business Tool,
Harvard Business Review, 11th March 2014

Why Now?

Tides are turning. It’s no longer enough to do business as usual. Complexity requires complex narratives and problem solving.

Why Story?

Humans make sense of our world through story. It is the primary reason humans have thrived and become successful. Story changes minds & hearts and moves people into action.

Why Us?

Our expertise lies in using story for positive impact and purpose-driven outcomes. We take a unique approach that is inclusive, bottom-up and creates meaningful engagement.

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