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Moreland Sustainability Community Storytellers

June 16 – July 21

Applications close June 7 

Presented by:

Moreland City Council

Join the team at Digital Storytellers for a 6-week online storytelling journey, where you’ll learn how to FIND, MAKE, EDIT and SHARE your organisation’s story in powerful ways, using smartphones and affordable tech. A limited number of environment and sustainability community organisations will be selected for the program. Are you ready to unlock your impact story? 

Learn to craft a compelling story, to engage your audience and spark action.

Get hands on with accessible technology and learn techniques to capture great footage and audio.

Get step-by-step guidance on how to edit footage on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Discover best practice for sharing your story far and wide, through both online and offline channels.

 At the end of the journey, your story will be shared on Moreland communications channels.

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Applications close June 7

The program…

  • The course is divided into four modules – FIND, MAKE, EDIT & SHARE and runs over 6-weeks (see below), with weekly challenges and tasks to submit.
  • Each week, you’ll attend a 1-hour webinar, to guide you through the storytelling journey, including clarification of weekly tasks, Q&A, troubleshooting, sharing participant insights and group feedback
  • You’ll also have access to the Stories for Impact Online learning portal, with video tutorials, frameworks and examples to guide you through the filmmaking process
  • You’ll receive written feedback on your weekly tasks from the expert team at Digital Storytellers

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At the end of the program you’ll have…

  • A polished, original story about your project or organisation which will be amplified through Moreland City Council’s outreach channels 
  • Tools and frameworks to craft, produce, edit and share powerful stories which touch hearts, shift minds and spark audiences to action
  • Techniques for capturing high-quality interviews, pieces to camera and other footage with smartphones and affordable technology.
  • A professional quality microphone, for shooting with your smartphone 
  • Access to a professional (and user-friendly) editing program 
  • Connection with a community of sustainability organisations in your area 
  • 12-months access to all of the program materials

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How much does the course cost? 

This course is being offered FREE by Moreland City Council 

(The total course value is $1,300  AUD per organisation, including webinars, access to the learning portal, and support and access to editing software.)

What are the key dates to take note of? 

  • Tuesday 7th June –  Applications close!
  • Wednesday, 8th June – Successful applicants notified
  • Wednesday 16th June Program begins. Sessions weekly for 6 weeks
  • Wednesday 21st July – Program concludes and final stories due

How much time will I need to commit? 

This is a tricky question as it will completely depend on the story you are creating and your current skill level. However, the following is an estimate of how your time will be spent.

Week  Lesson  Task  Time commitment
(excluding webinars)
1 Find Your Story  Story Canvas              approx. 2-3 hours 
2 Make Your Story Interview questions, shot list, practice footage approx. 2-3 hours 
3 None  Film your story!  Anywhere from 2 hrs to 1 day, depending on complexity of story and locations
4 Edit Your Story 1 Edit 1: interviews and cutaways  approx. 4 hours 
5 Edit Your Story 2  Edit 2: Add music, titles and transitions  approx. 4 hours 
6 Share Your Story    Simple outreach strategy  & submit finalised film approx. 4 hrs

When will the webinars be held? 

We will be scheduling the webinars on Wednesdays at 7:30pm

What equipment and software do I need to participate? 


  • Your smartphone, tablet or camera
  • A laptop, smartphone or tablet capable of running one of the software options below.
  • RODE Smartlav Microphone – provided free to successful applicants!


  • Kinemaster (smartphones and tablets)
  • Filmora Wondershare (computer/laptop)

*Note – this software will be provided to you FREE for the duration of the program*

How many of my team members can participate? 

We recommend that you nominate two team members to participate in the program. We recommend this to be a combination of core team members, who know your story deeply, but also involving other team members who may be more interested in participating in the “tech” side of things (e.g. filming, and editing). They should also be able to commit the time allocated (see above). You could also consider volunteers, interns or student placements, or others particularly interested in digital media, who might get value out of participating in the course and learning the skills

Want to know more?

Reach out to – but hurry! Applications close June 7th.

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Applications close May 29th.