Environmental Film Festival Australia 2018


In 2018, Digital Storytellers continued our partnership with the Environmental Film Festival, to skill-up community environmental organisations to create their own films using smartphones and affordable equipment.

With support from Bank Australia, participants from organisations across Victoria participated in 2 days of face-to-face training, with support from the expert mentors from our team, and finished the process with completed films ready to screen to packed audiences at the festival


Take 3 for the Sea is an Australian not-for-profit organisation who are committed to reducing plastic pollution and promoting the transition to a circular economy through education and participation. Our message is simple: Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway… or anywhere special, and you’ve made a difference.


It’s time to broader the dialogue. To ask questions. To challenge convention. To wonder what a brighter urban future could be. For too long, too few have had their voices heard. But imagine the alternative. Image the places we could create. OUR vision for a future city begins with you… How do you see it?


The Student Voice Network is a platform for students all across Australia who actively want to make a difference on the issues that are important to them. From climate to the refugee crisis whatever students are passionate about that is what we work on. We know that these issues impact us most because it’s our futures that are effected all the while remembering the question “if you really care about an issue, then why wait for someone else to solve it?”


This film is a call to action as part of the Our Climate, Our Health campaign. Coordinated by the Climate and Health Alliance, OCOH is a response to the growing evidence of the current and impending impacts of climate change on health. As a coalition of health professionals and health groups, we are deeply concerned about the lack of action on climate change and the negative impacts already being felt on the well-being of the Australian community. For Australia to meet its obligations under the Paris Agreement and to protect our right to health, the federal government must develop a National Strategy on Climate Health and Well-being for Australia.


The Urban Coup (the ‘Coup’) is an initiative of a group of Melbournians who share a vision of creating not just housing, but community. We are a cohesive community that is welcoming, supportive and inclusive of all individuals. We currently have two cohousing projects in development, driven by slightly different needs and the extensive shared knowledge of our memebership. Urban Coup also presents a range of opportunities for engaging and sharing with diverse local communities via supportive activities. This may lead to partnership, social enterprise or simply manifest kinship within our local hood via volunteer activities.


Wocle is a female owned and operated bicycle service based in Melbourne. Wocle’s philosophy is to give women an exclusive platform to practice their bicycle mechanic and technical skills so they can thrive in the bicycle servicing sector. Wocle specialises in basic servicing and safety checks and is currently operating on a pop-up basis. This film provides a snapshot to the humble beginnings of Wocle – a female owned and operated bicycle service start-up based in Melbourne. The film puts Wocle’s Founder, Beck Pope, front and centre as she shares her reasons for starting Wocle and how she would like to see Wocle grow.