“Family by Family” – TACSI (The Australian Centre for Social Innovation)

Family by Family is an incredible program that has been running for some time and requires ongoing support from a range of stakeholders to continue its critical work of supporting families through a program that has a foundation in rigorous evidence and theory from around the world. We were engaged to tell the story of Family by Family from a stakeholder perspective to describe and showcase the approach and value that the program offers. Understanding that the best way to help families in need, is with relationships formed with other families with lived experience, this story shows how what this could look like at systemic scale. Communities solving their own problems across housing, education, health, employment. On two trips to Adelaide, our 2-person female production crew captured the voices and stories of families who have received support, offered support as well as the facilitators, and stakeholder supporters of Family by Family. We were incredibly moved by what we saw and heard on the ground and were grateful to have told this story with TACSI.