Beechworth Festival Of Change

Digital Storytelling 1-day Intensive

In April 2019 we had the unique opportunity to kick start the four days of events, creativity, conversations and connections that make up the Beechworth Festival of Change..

Attended by people and organisations committed to creating a fair, just and sustainable future, Beechworth Festival of Change was an inspiring week for making connections, generating ideas and building the skills to create change. The carefully curated events focus on building the skills, networks, energy and ideas needed to generate change.

Digital Storytellers was delighted to deliver an intensive Make and Edit-focused Stories For Impact as the first event of a week, to a sold out 30-person room brimming of vision and will for change.  It was great to have students from Beechworth Secondary College participating alongside change-makers working across the social and environmental sectors here today from all over the north-east, Victoria, NSW and SA. The energy in the room was palpable and our only regret is being unable to squeeze in another 30 people on the waitlist.


For those that missed the workshop, we offered a presentation within the BIG IDEAS series on Storytelling For Impact exploring how can we shape a better world through the power of telling stories and what the role of storytelling is in creating a better future.

Modern storytelling uses modern technology to spread stories further. We introduced the audience to tools to start crafting the story of their change-making project, cause or organisation. By empowering a wider community of storytellers, telling stories that matter, we can create a better narrative for the world.

Empowering individuals and communities to tell their own stories, rather than having them told on their behalf is at the core of our mission. We can’t wait to reconnect with participants through the stories.





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