Sea Life Trust – Every Turtle Counts

In the lead up to their trip to Timor Leste, Sea Life Trust called on Digital Storytellers for a crash course on how to craft and capture stories. The mission of their trip to Timor Leste was to provide knowledge and expertise to locals on caring for the sea turtle population there, which is critical to the survival of the species.

The rugged overseas location meant that the process needed to be light, wouldn’t require heavy gear or distract from the overall purpose of the trip. The team also needed to feel confident in their skills, as they would have the added challenge of navigating cultural and language differences.

Over a half-day workshop, staff from across Sea Life Aquariums and Wild Life Sydney Zoo along with volunteers came along and brushed up on their smartphone filmmaking skills in the lead up to their big trip….the first time overseas for some!

On the trip, the team launched Sea Life Trust’s  #EveryTurtleCounts project to help improve turtle hatchling success and increase turtle populations in the Coral Sea. They tackled threats to turtle population, such as waste management and shared their vast knowledge of marine habitat through play with dozens of Timorese children.

But don’t let us tell you about it! Check out their self-produced videos…