“The Social Enterprise World Forum 2019, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia” – The Social Enterprise World Forum (Ethiopia)

For the first time in an emerging economy, 2019’s Social Enterprise World Forum went to the very special location of Ethiopia and three Digital Storytellers were there to film, edit and screen the story of this incredible event at the United Nations conference hall at the closing of the 3 days of forum. With trips out to the country to learn about and savour the rich and varied social enterprises flourishing on the ground in and around Addis Ababa, the community of African nations represented at this year’s forum was a precedent previously unparalleled. With an overnight edit to screen this story at the closing session of the event, the story drew loud cheers and jubilation from the Ethiopian delegates on hearing the word “Medemer” and the concept of Gursha featured in the story. An almost overwhelming sense of jubilation and celebration was felt intensely in the room of several thousand as this story was first launched. The trip to Ethiopia was real life-enriching moment for our crew, and the relationships we built on the ground will never be forgotten. As part of the volunteer crew, we were gifted with three very special young Ethiopians who were with us in the trenches from first shoot to final edit and gave us essential ideas and insights into culture, language, place and history to bring this piece together. An enriching and incredibly emotional experience, Digital Storytellers is deeply connected to the global Social Enterprise movement. As three out of the 60-strong Australian delegation, our relationships with existing and new social enterprises from Australia and internationally was a simply amazing and moving experience.