The (re)Generation Project


The (re)Generation Project is a Macquarie University research project, aiming to uncover what inspires young people to engage with nature. Part of the research process was to ask 22 to tell stories, through film, about what they believe would inspire their peers to adventure into that natural world.


Digital Storytellers ran a storytelling program over 6 weeks to teach the participants how to FIND, MAKE & EDIT their stories. We also provided extensive virtual support between the workshops to assist the participants with narrative development, production planning and post-production.


  • We upskilled 22 young people to continue to tell stories and inspire their peers to engage with nature
  • In total 11 films were produced by the young storytellers, many of whom had no experience in film
  • The stories included a shark girl from Bellingen, a young Indigenous man’s story of healing, the personification of nature’s personality traits, and more
  • Three ‘sold out’ screenings at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Circular Quay and Parramatta Riverside Theatre
  • Participant’s films were featured on National Geographic and Channel 3
  • Further screenings were requested by universities, schools and environmental organisations such as the 2016 Youth Ecosummit with filmmakers invited as guest speakers
  • Qualitative research gathered to contribute to the (re)Generation research project
  • View all participants videos here | Visit the Regeneration Project here