Women Leading Change, Fresh Faces in the Climate Discussion

Debates about climate change are dominated by the perspectives of scientists, economists and politicians. While these views are clearly very important, we need to engage everyday Australians on climate change by exploring what it means for them. It’s time we hear from members of society who represent the human side of climate change and how it might impact our communities. This will introduce fresh perspectives on what we can expect and what steps we can take to protect our rich cultural values.

“Women Leading Change, Fresh Faces in the Climate Discussion” was a gathering to hear from a diverse range of voices in the climate change sphere, and to look at climate change from perspectives that are different from the usual ones. Organised by Climates, a not‐for‐profit organisation that aims to empower communities across the Australia‐Pacific region to take accountability and address our climate challenges together, this event aimed to provide a rare platform for discussion on climate change from diverse perspectives of five Australian women leading change in sport, health and safety, business and culture.

Scheduled ahead of the 23rd United Nations Conference of Parties, this event was timed to ignite discussion about climate change, and the first of a series of events that aim to bring together critical, challenging thinkers to consider the impacts of climate change on our society.

Digital Storytellers live-scribed the conversation, and the illustration was used to help raise awareness about COP23 ‐ the Pacific COP ‐ and highlight the importance of this opportunity for the Pacific, and how Australians can demonstrate solidarity with our region.