The Story Canvas

Storytelling is a powerful tool to inspire and engage people, communities and organisations to contribute ideas, energy and resources to advance a cause.

However, to achieve these results, storytelling must be strategic. It is often assumed that the majority of our time at Digital Storytellers is spent behind the camera. In fact, perhaps the most important work (and the most time consuming) is the task of simply discovering the best, and most impactful, story to tell.

After working with hundreds of nonprofits, social enterprises and impact organisations, we’ve distilled our steps for developing awesome stories into an easy to follow process, The Story Canvas. The Story Canvas is based on the Business Model Canvas’ and is a simple to use tool to develop and iterate your story ideas.

If you think of your story as an incredible cake that you’re about to bake, the Story Canvas is list of ingredients, helping you pull all the right elements together to whip up something amazing!

Download a Blank Story Canvas

Download a blank Story Canvas

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