Impact Storytellers Co-Design Day

Saturday, 20 Oct 2018
10:00am – 4:00pm

This event is now over.

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Are you a storyteller who wants to create a better world?

Then this is an invitation for you to join the conversation.

Perhaps, like us, you share a desire to tell great stories, hone your craft and create impact. You might be a filmmaker, or other creative who is involved in storytelling. But whatever it is, you want to do great work that matters, and you also want to be able to make a living while pursuing a desire to make a difference.


The Story

We’ve been on quite a journey, and it’s been 5 years since we first started out. Today, we’re a team of about 10 people, and a wider team of values-aligned storytellers that we also consider part of the Digital Storytellers family. We haven’t got everything figured out yet, but we have started thinking about what we can do for our community of other like-minded storytellers, and what it would mean to co-create a future where we are all able to do to the work we love, create the impact we want to create, and make a living from it as well.

The Invitation

Digital Storytellers shares a special connection to many people and organisations in the community. Enspiral is one of them. After a very significant time at the Enspiral Summerfest earlier this year, we remembered how important community was to us, and came away inspired to help build wider community of impact storytellers.

So, we are inviting you to join us for a co-design day to meet, connect with other storytellers like ourselves, and explore…

  • What would help us flourish as individuals and as a community?

  • What limits and challenges do we face as impact storytellers?

  • How might we co-create an opportunity space for our community of impact storytellers to flourish?


We don’t know what will emerge from that day (because that depends on what you voice!), but we promise there will be some great conversations, heartfelt connections, good fun, potential collaborations and lots of ideas. The day will include time to connect with other storytellers, share your own purpose, discuss ideas and also share some food.


Saturday, 20 October
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


The Playground, Hub Sydney
101 William Street, Darlinghurst
(to be confirmed, but will be Sydney central area)


Your authentic spirit, inspired creativity, a strong sense of purpose and be open to the journey in playful collaboration with like-minded hearts & souls.

To help us with planning, please express your interest by email to Sonia at, answering this question:

What would make this day valuable for you?

(we are working with a human centered design facilitator, and this will help us design the day, making sure you and everyone gets what they would like out of it!)

If you can’t make it but would like to be part of things and kept in the loop, take a moment to contribute to co-designing this community by answering this quick questionnaire.


More about the initiative

The Vision

At a high level, we want to co-create a community that will help us build a collective culture and craft. We want to be part of something (yet to emerge from this community) to help scale impact by supporting others on this journey and to flourish on their own paths to purpose. But like many good things, this vision is still a dream. And like many aspirational dreams, they take time and effort to realise.

The Co-Design Day

So as a first step, we would love to facilitate a co-design day for our community to come together within a co-design process to see what we can co-create.

Through this co-design day, we hope to build connections; understand the challenges/obstacles shared between us and what is in the way of us reaching our highest potential. We want to create a space to co-create together; and would like us all to walk away with tangible commitments or actions to help us move forward.

We don’t have all the solutions, and believe in the power of decentralised organising and self-leadership — the solutions lie within us each, and together. Our role will be to host and facilitate what wants to emerge.

We will come with our ideas, but ask that you come with yours too. And the invitation to everyone is to co-create something for the collective good of this community under a shared vision.

We aspire to make this day visionary and moving, yet practical and helpful. See you there!

Yours sincerely,
The Digital Storytellers Team