“Make Your Mark” – Make Your Mark Foundation

2020 is a year to Make Your Mark

A testament to what’s possible when two passionate and capable people leave their careers behind to create a soon-to-be launching superannuation fund that invests in an ethical, sustainable and impactful way. Make Your Mark Investments shows us the way, treating every member as an investor in a co-created future. 

Aside from the added bonus of a shoot day in Palm Beach (yes, please!), to help bring this story to life meant connecting with a local and truly purpose-driven impact investment community who are all working towards making the world a better, more sustainable and more liveable place. By supporting ethical & sustainable fashion initiatives, paddock to plate cafés, and energy efficient technologies, 2020 really was a year to make your mark. Register your interest to receive an update from Make Your Mark once it launches here.

OK, let’s roll tape! Make Your Mark with Superannuation and Investments




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