YES& Festival

Don’t panic and just say “YES&”! 

How does a community that is built on sincere and deep connection come together in a virtual format?

That was the challenge faced by the team at YES&, as well as almost every business or organisation, in 2020 in the lead up to their yearly festival. Contemplating the transition to an online event format, rather than their planned in-person gathering, the YES& community drew on its growth mindset and ingenuity to successfully conceptualise and deliver their festival, with the love and support of Digital Storytellers. 

What transpired was an interactive, wide-ranging and altogether inspiring 36-hour ‘Zoomathon’ live stream that retained the community’s deeply personal vibe and connected participants in meaningful ways, across multiple global time zones. We reckon this could be a sign of things to come for zoom-based video productions.

Take a look for yourself!

YES& Festival Story | 36 Hours… in 60 seconds!




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