Ocean Youth

Empowering and motivating our young people with the tools and resources they need to build their voice, skills, confidence and influence is vital if we are to have a chance of slowing and halting the negative impacts we are having on our earth’s support system – the oceans, and ultimately ourselves.

The programme revolves around workshops and activities on leadership, effective communication, social media, profile building, entrepreneurialism, as well as events, experiences in nature, knowledge and learning exchanges and mentoring. A key feature of the program is an annual Ocean Youth Summit where Ocean Youth gather for storytelling, knowledge exchange, capacity building, inspirational ocean experiences and conservation project pitches, the best of which will be supported by the Ocean Youth community. Key components of the programme consist of:

  • Building knowledge with respect to issues relating to the ocean and sustainable natural resource management, and enabling them to identify actionable and measurable solutions to implement within their communities;
  • Immersing Ocean Youth participants in memorable and inspiring experiences such as diving with sharks and seals at SEA LIFE aquaria, and learning about the marine environment and its issues first hand;
  • Providing Ocean Youth participants with a structured training programme to enhance their skills, tools, knowledge and opportunities to foster leadership that drives positive change and influence;
  • Enabling a global collaboration space for Ocean Youth to share, enhance and exchange knowledge and learning with their peers, as well as with others such as Ocean Elders to build the Ocean Youth movement (modelling the success of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition)

Ocean Youth graduates would continue to build the ocean conservation community as ambassadors and alumni of the programme, playing a role in mentoring future participants and being active supporters of the programme through participation in events co-ordination, blogging on the Ocean Youth online hub, hosting experiences or influencing decisions within their communities on the importance of ocean conservation and sustainable resource management.

As well as running storytelling workshops with the young oceanpreneurs to help them share their passion, our design team developed all the branding, brochures and digital media resources for the Ocean Youth movement.