Plastic Bag Free NSW

Our oceans now contain alarming amounts of plastic debris, which will take hundreds if not thousands of years to break down and have tragic consequences for marine life. A recent comprehensive CSIRO ocean litter research report concluded that ¾ of all litter is plastic and that by 2050 over 90% of our seabirds would have plastic in their stomachs. Of our 11000 Australian beaches not a single one can be declared plastic litter free.

Below the waves, plastic debris, 40.000 pieces per square km, is finding its way into the food chain. The UN Environment Program described marine plastics as the new toxic time bomb. Other scientists have suggested that the problem is on par with climate change if not bigger. (The issue of marine debris was recently brought to the world’s attention by the search for missing Malaysian Airliner, which was reportedly hampered by extensive floating debris).

In addition to entangling wildlife plastic is mistaken for food; floating plastics accumulate and concentrate chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and the pesticide DDT.
Australians alone use more than 4 billion lightweight plastic check-out-style shopping bags every year

The Plastic Bag Free NSW crew are inspired by the vision of a plastic bag free future for NSW. Reusable bags, community bag share programs, and plastic shopping bag disincentives are all on the agenda.

We worked with the team to build a brand for the initiative and an array of communications collateral for print and digital media. We designed stickers, brochures and resources for people to use (door hanger reminders, information sheets), online shareable graphics and facts and banners for Plastic Bag Free NSW website.