PACE is Macquarie University’s unique placement program offering all its undergraduate students a diversity of practical activities in industries in Australia and around the world. It gives students the opportunity to contribute before they graduate and thereby produces more well-rounded men and women who can effectively apply their ideas in the real world. PACE doesn’t just produce better graduates; it produces better people. Much more than just a placements program that benefits students, PACE enables partners and the community at large stand to reap its benefits.

At the start of a new chapter, PACE was reviewing its curriculum and developing a new Theory of Change that looked to deliver the best impact the program could give to all stakeholders. The PACE team needed to successfully enable staff to communicate what this new chapter was about, create understanding, excitement and inspiration around PACE’s goals and strategy, and enable a shared narrative for PACE in order to facilitate broader organisational activities across policy, the program and partnerships.

Digital Storytellers conducted a story clinic to help distill the story of where PACE had been, the future vision, its theory of change and larger impact, and designed the slide deck to support the presentation at the launch event.