Collective Impact 2014

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What has been the story of social change in Australia so far? Does it require more collaboration between communities, NGOs and businesses? Are we even targeting the right people?

Collective Impact 2014 has been a story, from the very beginning, about ‘the idea’. An idea that may be a bit tangled and rough around the edges, but an idea that is still close to our hearts. This idea is about driving collaborative, multi-sector and community empowered change, and is attempting to answer these, and many other questions facing the movement.

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As Digital Storytellers we are also at the forefront of driving social change as an organisation.  We have had the privilege of capturing just how Collective Impact 2014’s story is unfolding through filmmaking, illustration and social commentary. From conversations with top Social Change Leaders such as Vivien Twyford, to the live creation of a visual story board of discussions (made by our own Digital Storyteller Marieke), we are exploring the driving forces in social change and offering new ways of looking at the space. We are hoping to unravel this story through fresh and insightful perspectives, and be an important part of this collective impact.