Highlights from SingularityU 2018 #SUAU2018

Digital Storytellers were honoured and inspired to be part of SingularityU Australia Summit 2018, an initiative by SingularityU to help global leaders and organisations understand, adapt and thrive in an exponentially changing world, be future-ready and connect to a global ecosystem that is shaping the future and solving the world’s most urgent problems.



An amazing three days exploring opportunities and  implications of exponential technologies, covering accelerating trends and developments driving disruption — artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, gamification, digital medicine, digital manufacturing nanotechgnology, digital biology, networks & sensors computation, DIY & maker movements, incentive competitions, big data artificial intelligence, distributed blockchain, crowdfunding, exponential solar energy, sharing social technology and crowdsourcing microwork — and what their implications might be for areas like future of biology, healthcare, energy, transport, education, exonomics, work, crime, corporate innovation and leadership in exponential times. More importantly, it highlighted the importance of abundance thinking, and of ethics, courage and purpose.
It would not be possible to share the wealth of learning and inspiration from those three knowledge and energy packed days, but we captured some of our favourite nuggets from the days below:


From Session on “Abundance” by Tiago Mattos > LinkedIn > Twitter

From Session on “Future of Transport” by Carlo Van de Weijer > LinkedIn > Twitter


From Session on “Future of Work” by Edie Weiner > Website > Twitter


Digital Storytellers’ “Future Storytellers Challenge” workshop

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