We’re looking for a Sales Lead to help us grow!

We’re looking for a customer-oriented Sales Lead who is passionate about storytelling for a better world.

This position is a 4 or 5-days per week role, depending on the candidate’s capabilities and preference.

You will be leading and managing the sales process in Digital Storytellers and be a crucial part of our organisation’s ability to thrive.

About Digital Storytellers:

Digital Storytellers is a purpose-driven film-making agency. We craft impactful stories with positive narratives to make a difference in the world.

Our mission is to help create a better narrative for the world, through telling stories that matter, and sharing our knowledge and resources to empower a wider community of storytellers.

Our core offerings are film production, digital storytelling strategy, video storytelling, mobile film-making training workshops (called “Stories For Impact”) and graphic recording (also known as live scribing), in addition to a suite of online event offerings we developed in response to COVID. We also provide graphic design and website development services where requested.

We are a certified B-Corporation.

  • The fulfilment of contributing to a meaningful purpose and serving amazing organisations and projects
  • A high-trust, human-centric, soulful workplace with an outstanding culture of care and recognition of people as whole-beings. You are free to show up as yourself.
  • Freedom, flexibility and autonomy to self-manage (with responsibility and accountability required for this to work, of course), and opportunities to take initiative, lead and drive ideas
  • Flexible, virtual work policies that allow work from home or for digital nomads, however you must be available during traditional business hours for client liaison work. More flexibility will be granted after the onboarding process.
  • You’ll be encouraged and supported to develop & express your personal purpose, gifts, talents where possible
  • Community minded: values the connections with our communities here
  • We are an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

About the Sales Lead role

Digital Storytellers has existed for seven years. We’ve crossed the start up stage, and established our brand in Australia and overseas. The nature of film-making and storytelling means our work has traveled, so we’ve attracted a range of clients from various social and environmental impact sectors. Our clients have meaningful, purposeful stories worth telling, we are here to help them get their stories out through the digital mediums of today.

Your role will be to nurture our potential clients, develop digital production solutions for their stories, and deliver a proposal that moves them to the next stage. Often you will be the first person from our team to interact with a client, so a good degree of soft skills are required: listening, empathy and care are all essential for that first impression.

You will be responsible for getting our sales inquiries across the line, providing all the logistical, communication and experiential aspects of the sales process, and eventually handing that over to our production team for them to deliver a great film or digital service. You will also proactively reach out to customers to form, maintain and deepen relationships.

While your primary focus will be sales, you’ll be working with the marketing and production team to develop and action customer insights. As we are a flat-ish organisation, you will also have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of discussions, and share perspectives that shape current decisions and the future direction of the business.


  • Work closely with your Sales working group team members, to meet our company’s monthly and annual sales goals
  • Respond to enquiries via email and phone and set up client meetings
  • Build relationships and support customer needs
  • Budget and proposal writing
  • Assist with campaign design and product development
  • Report on Sales Working Group goals and progress, and how we’re meeting financial targets
  • As a role that is in direct contact with our customers and market, help us understand how we could better serve our customers and the impact/purpose community via customer insights, and understanding their needs, pains and gains
  • Update Financial Apps to reflect current performance and KPIs
  • Circle back on past clients through “Close the loop” conversations

Additional Organisation Responsibilities

  • Participate in weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual team rhythms – check-ins, retrospectives, quarterly check-ins, annual retreat
  • Participate in the co-creation and evolution of organisation culture and product offerings
  • Work closely with Marketing Working Group to improve our ability to increasingly service the impact/purpose community, in the breadth, depth and quality of our offerings
  • After on-boarding, contribute to developing and implementing organisation purpose, vision, mission, goals and strategies

The right person will have:

Skills & experience:

  • Excellent writing skills, people skills and verbal communication are all completely essential to this role
  • Is above all, empathetic, but also ideally has several years of sales experience and wisdom in converting and closing sales without hard selling
  • Comfortable with spreadsheets and budgeting, with attention to detail
  • Experience with sales CRMs highly valued, including manipulation of sales data to reveal insights for marketing purposes (we use Pipedrive & Mailchimp)
  • Experience with sales automation processes (e.g. customer sales funnels, developing customer profiles through data analysis) also a plus
  • Familiarity with Xero and ReceiptBank considered a plus (otherwise a willingness to use)
  • Has experience in service-based business, experience with a film production agency a plus
  • A degree in a relevant field considered a plus
  • A background, education or strong interest in business will be another plus


You’re also someone who…

  • Aligns with our values, which you can check out here
  • Has an ability to self-manage and work to designated deadlines (mandatory)
  • Is tech-savvy. Comfortable with virtual working (Slack, Gmail)
  • Finds satisfaction in being of service, helping uncover customer needs and finding the right solution for them
  • Is ambitious, goal-oriented and driven. Meeting goals gives you a sense of satisfaction.
  • Has the ability to self-manage, and set own goals in alignment with organisational and working group goals
  • Can contribute meaningfully to goal setting for the organising and your Sales working group
  • Is comfortable with a distributed leadership culture, and will contribute, share responsibility and leadership, and be collaborative. In a distributed leadership culture, “no one leads all the time, and everyone leads some of the time”
  • Is entrepreneurial, innovative and responsive to customer/market needs
  • Ideal but not required – has experience in working with DSLR cameras, video editing or any other activities related to film production

Other info:

  • In the beginning, you’ll also be provided on-boarding support, face-to-face contact at our office in Sydney is possible but not essential given the current pandemic scenario.
  • We prefer someone based in Sydney but would consider stellar applicants from Melbourne. We have a culture that supports remote work, and have two team members and several freelancers based in Melbourne as well.
  • For the first month, you will be supported in learning our processes as part of on-boarding.
  • Following the three month trial period, we expect you would be comfortable holding the fort and managing nearly all aspects of the sales process independently, without direct supervision.
  • Digital Storytellers is a Teal organisation, which means we practice flat leadership and self-management. This means that this role description is a starting point and we actively encourage you to build and develop a role that serves your passions and interests! For example, if you have an interest in film production there are opportunities to develop that alongside your core activities.

And the $?

  • The annual salary we are offering for this position is $70-90K p/a gross + 9.5% superannuation, and includes four weeks leave p/a (pro-rated to your arrangement).
  • Proposed salary will be offered commensurate with your level of experience.

Interested? Send through the following:

  • Submit a short video (under 2 minutes) introducing yourself, why you believe in the power of storytelling to change the world and why you’d like to join the team. A handheld selfie-video filmed on your phone is ABSOLUTELY fine. This is not about your film-making abilities (we’ve got that covered!), but about getting a sense of who you are. This can be uploaded as password protected or link-only video on the platform of your choice and sent through to us as a link.
  • Any other documents or links you feel are relevant e.g. CV, portfolio, etc .
  • Please include two references
  • Email the above to info@digitalstorytellers.com.au
  • From there, we’ll contact you to let you know if we’d like to proceed with an interview!

Applications close COB 30 Sep 2020 (AEST); Interviewing may progress prior to that, so apply sooner if you are keen.