Story Mapping Toolkit | Discover your collective narrative

We live in a field of stories. Visualise the field of diverse voices and perspectives to explore common values and themes, and weave together a more inclusive, collective narrative.

You can use Story Mapping as a sensemaking process in and of itself, or as a starting point to strategic work and other team building, culture building and transformational processes.

Make story listening and weaving integral to your process of storytelling and organisational and community leadership.

Why do Story Mapping?

When we experience volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) scenarios and seemingly intractable problems that divide us, many organisations try to gain an outcome by influencing people using a ‘Power Mapping’ tool. But with a Power Map, you work in polarised quadrants that split up stakeholders and focus on our differences.

The Story Mapping process is very different. It aims to spark conversations that invite multiple perspectives and are constructive in nature. With the Story Map, we explore common ground, find plurality in shared values and deepen relationships. We build layers of trust and empathy to allow magic to happen naturally.

The Story Mapping process introduces the 3 key practices of deep story: Story Telling, Story Listening and Story Weaving. And the journey takes us through 4 stages of Remembering, Being, Dreaming and Becoming. Old stories are surfaced to be shared, and can be held or released as a new Collective Narrative emerges.


Explore your field of stories and begin shaping your collective narrative now!

Download the Story Mapping Toolkit

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