Graphic Facilitation, Live Scribing & Illustration

Devon is our amazing scribe in residence. Full of curiosity about the world, she is a professional scribe artist who works at the intersection of illustration and graphic facilitation, where visuals are used as a way of sharing experiences and learnings – and making magic with metaphors.

Have presentations live scribed and even projected to a big screen. Send the artwork as a thank you to your speakers and as a recap or memorabilia for attendees. We can create shareable social media pieces and even a fast-mo animation. Use the art in collateral and website for future events.

Memorable, shareable, fun

Let illustrations tell your story.

Hand Drawn Illustrations

Show your story simply. Add a human touch and a bright splash of colour to clarify the big picture.

Explainer Animations

Make complex topics easy. A catchy explainer video can help bring your mission or your project to life.

Digital Graphics

Spice up your look and feel. Presentations, websites, newsletters, videos, icons… the sky really is the limit.

Why not check out some of our live scribing?

“Let’s Move Forward Together” – Reos Partners

“Our Future Together” – Build Bangladesh, UNDP SDG Impact Fund

Women Leading Change, Fresh Faces in the Climate Discussion

EcoCity 2017

Greenpeace: NAIF, the four letter word that could play a huge role in the future of the Great Barrier Reef

Story Crunch – Future Crunch, Deloitte Centre for the Edge, and Get Storied

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