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Unlock Your Inner Storyteller

Storytelling training for teams, organisations and communities

We can show your team or organisation how to FIND, MAKE, EDIT and SHARE
amazing and affordable stories in house – using tools and resources you already have.
The rise of digital technology puts the incredible power of storytelling in your hands.

Build your own storytelling capacity. We’ll show you how.

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What’s the most powerful social change story you can tell to move your audience’s heads, heart and hands?

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Lights, camera, action! Let’s get hands on and produce powerful stories using smartphones, tablets & DSLRs.


Learn how to turn your footage into a short, sharp, shareable video. Here’s where your story comes to life.


How do you reach and connect with the people who will create the impact you want with your story?


Tailored Online Storytelling Program (for teams & communities)

Up-skill your team of impact storytellers – completely online! We’ll custom design an Online Program specifically for your team or organisation’s goals.

  • Learn how to FIND, MAKE, EDIT & SHARE your stories using smartphones and affordable tech.
  • Create original content about your community, initiatives and projects.
  • Professional mentorship
  • Finish the program with high quality original content to tell your organisation’s story.
  • Consultation on narrative ideas, technical guidance, campaign strategy and troubleshooting
  • Great for organisations with distributed teams.
  • Save on travel costs.
  • Build team capacity, walk away with original content, shape internal or external culture, and successfully engage your community.
  • All participants are equipped with skills to continue to make their own stories in the future.

Format & Content:

  • Can be delivered in a variety of formats – from a single session through to a long-term program, facilitated over a number of weeks .
  • Course content (story examples, exercises, narrative structures, shooting techniques) tailored to suit storytelling objectives, context and campaign strategy
  • Interactive and practical – we’ll get you creating high-quality content and stories!
  • One-on-one virtual consultations with Digital Storytellers.
  • Each group will finish the course with a short, sharp and shareable video for your project, cause or organisation.
  • All course participants enjoy 12 months access to online learning materials and resources.
  • Ongoing access to our global-connected online community of Impact Storytellers (closed group).

Chat to us if you would like to combine this program with a face to face workshop for your team or if you’re interested in having this program delivered as a face-to-face program. 

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